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Sizing up the hard drive

by Alan German

Is the number of files and folders on your hard drive out of control? Are you running short on usable disk space? If so, it's time for a major cleanup. But, where to begin? What you need is a disk space manager, and TreeSize Free from Jam Software may just be your best, no-cost option.

Running the program is simple. Click on the "Scan" menu item and select either a disk drive or a directory. TreeSize will report on the files and folders present in the selected directory. In particular, it will tell you the amount of disk space being used and, perhaps most importantly, the percentage of this space that is in use.



For example, the screenshot shows the current status of the dedicated data partition on my hard drive. Clearly, the major space hog is my "alan" folder that is taking up 4.9 GB or more than 80% of the used disk space. The next big-ticket items are a data folder for my Thunderbird E-mail client (8%) and one for digital photographs (3%).

Note that each folder has a drop-down arrow that will expand the listing to show the space being taken by the various files and/or sub-folders. So, if I want to find out what is taking up 4.9 GB of disk space in the alan folder, I can simply drill down through this section of the listing to discover that a Dropbox (synchronization) folder is using 3.5 GB, and an Alliance_02 sub-folder inside Dropbox is taking up 2.2 GB.

Such results provide a quick overview of the files and folders that are using the most disk space and are, therefore, the most likely candidates for review and action (think delete - or archive) in order to free up some of this space.

Bottom Line:

TreeSize Free (Freeware)
Version 3.3
JAM Software GmbH

Originally published: November, 2015

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